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Introducing ExedeSM, ViaSat's new
Broadband Satellite Service.

Exede by ViaSat is our exciting new satellite broadband service. This new service offers speeds of up to 12 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Prices start at just $49.99 per month.

With Exede, ViaSat is transforming satellite broadband by offering a web experience similar to many wireline services. Exede service integrates ViaSat-1, the world's highest capacity communication satellite, with our next generation equipment which has been optimized for the fastest page loading and high quality video streaming.
ViaSat services for residential, commercial and Jet Blue
The Incredibly FAST New Broadband Internet Service

Exede satellite broadband service is the fusion of the newest and most advanced satellite in the world, cutting-edge equipment and a brand new state-of-the-art web browsing acceleration optimizing technology. We've also constructed an entirely new network infrastructure on the ground that further enhances your internet speeds. When you sign up as an Exede internet customer, you also get a brand new modem that contains new technology to make your web browsing faster. All of this is designed to give you the super-fast speeds you need to do more on the internet and to do it quicker than ever before!

With download speeds up to 4x faster than DSL*, Exede's lightning-fast speeds allow you to:

  • Surf the web the way it was intended - snappy and FAST!
  • Enjoy streaming of videos, music and TV shows with almost no lag or buffering
  • View and share digital photos faster than ever before
  • Upload and download attachments and other files and send them with ease
  • Even enjoy high quality video chat!

What you get with every Exede plan:
  • FREE Shipping & Handling!
  • FREE Professional Installation by an Exede-authorized technician!
  • FREE 5 Email accounts!
We hope you'll see for yourself what our broadband service can do for you!
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*Claim based on the file download speed comparison between exede12 service and 3.1 Mbps average DSL service as defined by this FCC study of US broadband perfomance: